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We are a youth-led Not for Profit Organization(NPO) curating and offering career guidance information and career enrichment activities to high school students in Africa.

We also support students with information about scholarships, internships, and opportunities to participate in student development activities.


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Africa is home to the largest young population in the world. The World Bank projects that there will be about 850 million young people in Africa by 2025. However, not enough effort and resources are being channeled towards career education. Most students struggle to decide on their career trajectory due to a lack of relevant information. It is for this cause that Pendo Initiative was created.We are dedicated to bridging this career information gap. 

"Imagine the face of a student holding a University application form, looking at courses (s)he has no idea about. We experienced the same situation years ago, now we are here to solve it."



We envision a future were young people are happy and confident about their career choices.

Pendo means “love” in Swahili. Our organization was created out of love for a better future for today's youth. The founders of Pendo Initiative, having experienced the same challenge, decided to work with a group of dedicated peers in Japan and other countries around the world to provide career information and guidance to African students.


Together, we believe that the continued development of Africa will be possible if young people choose their careers after fully understanding what they want to do and why they want to do it. 



About: Our vision
About: Why Pendo



Leveraging our own experiences and the technology in our hands, we have designed a curriculum that teaches students about how to research and consider different career paths to find ones that best suit them.


We work with schools and organizations to empower high school students to make informed decisions about their next step in life. 

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