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New Beginnings: The driving force behind Pendo

Pendo Initiative is a Non-Governmental Organization which aims to provide the much needed career information to high school students in Africa. The co-founders of Pendo are both beneficiaries of the African education system. They therefore both have first-hand experience on what is lacking in the system and are both thrilled to make a change in their community. The co-founders work in collaboration with other students mostly based in Japan and spread across the world all with an enthusiastic drive to make a difference in Africa.

Below is a conversation with the co-founders seeking to identify what motivated them to start the initiative.

Q. What motivated you to start the Pendo Initiative?

A. Being an African student abroad cleared my mind and laid everything in front of me and I

realized how much I missed in terms of career guidance. I went to high school having no clear idea of what career path I wanted to follow once I graduated and when I finished high school the situation was not any different as I was still in the same state of mind. Lack of career guidance in African high schools has caused many youths their careers and perhaps caused the African continent people who could have brought the change that is dearly needed. (Viona, Co-founder)

Q. Why did you decide to go through with the idea?

A. As part of the Ashinaga Africa Initiative scholarship, I am required to write a project proposal that aligns with giving back to the community. I always had passion about education and how I could help educate people. As we went over our projects together with Viona we found out that we both had the same interest in education and consequently Pendo Initiative was born. (Friday, Co-founder)

Q. What is your long-term goal for this Organization?

A. Pendo Initiative's long-term goal is to see the African youths getting the right information on career paths and being able to develop their interests without missing out on the world's dynamic changes. We look forward to finishing our pilot project where we have identified one school as our groundbreaking and in five years, Pendo hopes to expand out of East Africa to the other parts of the continent.

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